TikToker uses art diploma to prove Italian Eurovision winner doesn’t take drugs

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A TikToker used her Renaissance art history degree to prove that the lead singer of the Eurovision-winning Italian act was not on drugs.

Måneskin member Damiano David was talked about on social media after the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday, May 22, after images emerged of him apparently leaning on a table and making a movement with his head. People accused him of snorting cocaine, triggering an investigation by broadcasters.

However, as the clip circulated, one TikToker put his education to good use and proved he hadn’t done any of the like. This corroborates the evidence of a negative drug test and a recent statement from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Mary McGillivray (@_theiconoclass), a 25-year-old woman from Melbourne, used her degree in Renaissance art history to show that David was not on drugs, and it was just an optical illusion that l returned as he could have done. His video has since been viewed more than 3.3 million times.

“People said he looked like he was enjoying Snow White in that clip, but he says he was just looking at broken glass at his feet,” she says. “The table is glass and is obscured by this ice bucket. But if we map the plane of the objects on this table, we can clearly see that his nose is way above the table.

If you look you will see bottles and other items below where David is said to have sniffed. “Therefore, the angles and heights didn’t match, and he couldn’t sniff fairy dust. I put my art history rep on the line and I will die on this hill, ”says Mary.

David participated in a voluntary drug test following the event, alongside his colleagues in the group, which came out negative. “No drug use took place in the green room and we consider the matter closed. We are alarmed that inaccurate speculation leading to false news has overshadowed the spirit and outcome of the event and unfairly affected the group, ”the EBU said in a statement.

“We would like to congratulate Måneskin again and wish them great success. We look forward to working with our Italian member Rai to produce a spectacular Eurovision Song Contest in Italy next year, ”he added.

After the ceremony, David said at a press conference: “Thomas broke a glass… I don’t use drugs. Please guys don’t say that. Don’t say that really. No cocaine please don’t say that.

In an Instagram post ahead of their tests, the group also wrote: “We are really AGAINST drugs and we have never used cocaine. We are ready to be tested.

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