Utility Box Art Program brings color throughout El Centro

Vanessa Gongora from News 11 went to see some of the artwork made by local artists.

EL CENTRO, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) — El Centro has launched a Utility Box art program where community members can showcase their artwork throughout the city.

Talented artists from the Imperial Valley can now see their creations on the streets of El Centro.

Utility boxes are a magnet for graffiti, so the city wanted to incorporate art to stop graffiti and beautify El Centro.

There will be 19 utility boxes featuring local artist designs made with vinyl. The vinyl wrap will last approximately seven years.

The wrapper is non-porous, so if someone gets graffiti on it, it can be easily wiped off.

Community Services Manager Adriana Nava looks forward to all the art created by local artists in the Imperial Valley.

“We just want to make sure that our community is friendly, has a more vibrant aesthetic and so hopefully these boxes do that for us,” Nava said.

The artwork was chosen by the city’s Library and Community Services Commission.

There are 13 artists aged between nine and 86.

An artist and teacher from El Centro Elementary School, Susan Millan, had the privilege of having three of her pieces chosen.

“Hibiscus flower, hummingbird and sunflower and these are all watercolors I did,” Millan said.

The art symbolizes things like the history and culture of the valley.

A young artist from Calexico, Janneth Aguirre, believes that the monarch butterfly is the most important part of her work because it symbolizes migration.

She says that because the Imperial Valley is very close to the border, we can identify with the butterflies.

“And the fact that it gives us the opportunity to have such a unique culture that not everyone relates to and that culture is due to our migrant families who usually come here from across the border to have a better way of life,” Aguirre said.

So far there are five boxes completed.

The city’s goal is to complete all 19 boxes in three months.

Kayleen C. Rice