WeHo’s Moving Image Media Art Program Launches New Film On Netflix’s Billboard

The City of West Hollywood Announces the Launch of the Next Moving Image Media Art (MIMA) Program Exhibit and Global Launch of BEAT, a three-part film by artist Carrie Chen. MIMA is an ongoing exhibition series of moving image multimedia artwork on multiple digital billboards at various locations along Sunset Boulevard.

BEATPart I will air for three and a half minutes at the start of each hour and BEAT Parts II and III will follow every 20 and 40 hours respectively on the Netflix Invisible Frame billboard, located on the Sunset Strip at 8743 Sunset Boulevard from Wednesday, June 1, 2022 through Wednesday, September 30, 2022.

Based on a stanza from the ancient poetry anthology Book of Songs: 虫飞薨薨,甘与子同梦 (Translation: “Insects sound like the flapping of wings, I want to fall into a dream with you.”) FLUTTER by Carrie Chen The 虫飞薨薨 series describes the experience of existing in the ambiguity and flickering feelings that radiate from a bodily surface.

Living in limbo can precipitate the entire spectrum of human emotions. An allegory of subjective memory, FLUTTER depicts us as we hold on to our past, some more vigilant than others. FLUTTER’s debut on the Invisible Frame billboard will allow each of these three quiet, mystical creatures to exist in their own splendid moment, paying homage to the push-pull of revelation within all of us. Memories resurface and recede; moods float and reflect, like wings, subject to the inevitability of change.

Artist Carrie Chen is a Los Angeles-based artist who works in simulation, projection, and virtual reality. With a background in art history and psychology, her moving image work explores our relationships with natural phenomena, virtual beings, architecture and the sublime. While drawing inspiration from her personal history, East Asian myths and rituals, and technological mediations that facilitate the exchange between human and non-human interactions, Chen considers each character she creates (whether he either human or ladybug) as a substitute for the artificial. live. During the final weeks of pursuing an MFA from the UCLA School of Design Media Arts, Chen researches and develops new ways for users to interact with virtual environments. Through an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and feminist perspective, Chen reconsiders how user agency and emotional stimuli are constructed, integrated, perceived, and experienced.

The Moving Image Media Art Program (MIMA)is a City of West Hollywood exhibition series administered by the Arts Division, as part of its Art on the Outside program, and is featured with the Sunset Arts and Advertising program. MIMA offers artists the opportunity and funding to create immediate, remarkable and ambitious works of art that engage with the unique visual landscape of the famous Sunset Strip and experience the cutting edge technology of high-end digital signage. definition.

MIMA allows artists to occupy, challenge and play with boundaries and uses of public space and manifest moments of connection and admiration. Carrie Chen has been selected for exhibition on MIMA’s prequalified list, an open and rolling call opportunity for artists in moving image media, with applications reviewed twice a year by the Arts and Business Commission cultural events in the city of West Hollywood, in November and May. MIMA’s prequalified roster includes a diverse roster of artists at all career levels, from emerging to internationally recognized.

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For more information about FLUTTER, contact Rebecca Ehemann, City of West Hollywood Arts Officer, at [email protected] or (323) 848-6846. For those who are deaf or hard of hearing, please call TTY (323) 848-6496.

Kayleen C. Rice