Welcome to the Real World for Gray’s School of Art Graduation Show

GRAY’s art school year-end show, Welcome to the Real World, opens next Saturday and features talent from across the art school.

One of the images featured in Emma Caldow’s The Anthroposcene.

The exhibition celebrates an eclectic mix of graduation projects across painting, contemporary art practice, fashion and textiles, communication design, three-dimensional design and photography.

This is the first in-person end-of-year exhibition at Robert Gordon University (RGU) in two years and will see the campus of Gray’s School of Art transformed into one large gallery space.

Gray’s School of Art Dean Libby Curtis said, “I am thrilled and extremely proud to celebrate the incredible hard work and accomplishments of our final year students.

“I would like to welcome everyone to the real world and visit Gray’s School of Art for our first physical exhibit in two years. This is a great opportunity to see our students’ end-of-year projects – in high resolution and stunning definition.

“The virtual world has done so much for us in recent years, but art and design is a sensory experience that should be enjoyed in the real world! Gray’s School of Art has so much talent and I can’t wait to open our doors and share the work of our future leaders in art and design.

Emma Caldow from Aberdeen is one of the artists to feature at Gray's School of Art end of year <a class=show.” data-root=”/_media/img/” data-path=”IV0YNPNFUGGST6FGK15X.jpg” data-ar=”1.50″/>
Emma Caldow from Aberdeen is one of the artists to feature at Gray’s School of Art end of year show.

As part of the exhibition, Emma Caldow, a painting graduate from Aberdeen, collects material from three Scottish beaches on the west coast of Scotland. and creates bioplastic artwork for her project titled The Anthroposcene. She makes bioplastic from agar, or seaweed, which is fully marine-degradable and biodegradable and creates matching color palettes that include organic or shell plastic and inorganic or fossil plastic for each beach.

She said: “I want my audience to enjoy the natural landscapes of Scotland’s west coast and inspire others to develop sustainable processes and consider alternative futures that support a more circular economy.

“I want to highlight the need to use more sustainable materials and hope that my work can generate an appreciation for the earth around us, while highlighting the ongoing and devastating impact of fossil fuel-based plastics.

“I chose to work this way because I believe that creating more sustainable and environmentally friendly artwork is essential for our planet’s climate and ecosystem.”

A range of events will take place during the Diploma Fair, including an alumni networking event, a creative industry stakeholder night, a range of school workshops for high school students and an online directory will be available , highlighting the work of each of the exhibiting students. .

Find out more about Gray’s end-of-year show, Welcome to the Real World, on Gray’s School of Art website at https://www.rgu.ac.uk/events

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Kayleen C. Rice