Williamsport art student chasing her dream

Avery Sauers will participate in the first Summer Art and Design Institute at Moore College in Philadelphia.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Avery Sauers is a junior at Williamsport Area High School. His passion is art. She can be found in the school‘s art room every day, working on her craft.

“Art is like my escape from the real world,” Sauers said. “If I need to express feelings or if I want to express something that I can’t express in words, then I can draw.”

The 16-year-old was born with little to no hearing. At a young age, she received cochlear implants and says she faced challenges growing up. However, that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream.

“I take my implants out, and I have hardly any hearing, and I can hear my own thoughts and my own mind, and that helps me creatively. I can think of things, and I have no another distraction,” added Sauers.

“She overcame that challenge and is a great communicator, and that’s not holding her back at all,” said high school art teacher Andrea McDonough.

Avery was accepted into the first Summer Art and Design Institute at Moore College in Philadelphia. She will take a four-week course specializing in digital art, one of her passions.

“Since I was little, I wish I could do this and inspire joy and passion in others like cartoons inspired me,” Sauers said.

“This will help Avery build her portfolio as she applies to her senior year undergraduate programs,” McDonough added.

The program will cost him $6,000 to attend. So she organizes two fundraisers to help her pay her tuition.

“I’m auctioning off paintings at one of the events, and then the other event I’ll be teaching a painting class.”

If you would like to participate in one of Avery’s fundraisers, you can register here.

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Kayleen C. Rice