Youth Connections: art student returns to host summer activities

A GREENOCK University student who spent the entire last year in an apartment stuck in an apartment away from home during the lockdown is delighted to be back in action to help the children of Larkfield this summer.

Amy O’Neill, who led Youth Connections’ busy program of activities this summer, is among thousands of college students across the country who have been forced to study online during the pandemic.

The 21-year-old spent the entire third year of her graphic design course at the University of Edinburgh, studying in a hall in the capital.

Now back home for the summer, she has been to the Burns Square Youth Club to help young people enjoy their vacations.

Activity Coordinator Amy, Rankin Rise in Greenock, said: “It’s so nice to be part of something like this and to be around people again.

“It was really tough last year – I had to study in a room in an apartment I share with friends in Edinburgh.

“It wasn’t the same and it was difficult for everyone.

“It was particularly difficult because my class is practical and practical, but we couldn’t go to classes.

“It has been very difficult being a student during the pandemic, so I hope it will get back to normal this year.”

Amy, a St Columba’s High alumnus who studies at the College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, has been involved with Youth Connection for a number of years, helping with artistic activities.

She was excited to step in when principal Alex Stevens asked her to lead the arts and crafts classes this summer.

The talented Amy and the team have helped put together a fantastic range of activities, all free.

The three-week program includes arts and crafts, bootcamps, dance, theater and music.

Organizer Alex is delighted to have Amy and other experts on board.

He said, “It’s great to have people like Amy here to lead the business.

Amy now hopes to use the experience she has accumulated to help her with her studies and her future.

She added: “I love working with Youth Connections and young people.

“It’s a fantastic place and all the activities on offer are great.”

Kayleen C. Rice

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