What is the difference between payday loan and installment loan?

Are you planning to borrow money off the bank? In this case, you have two main offers at your disposal – payday loans and installment loans. What is the difference between them and what is worth choosing? An explanation over at snesheaven.org Non-bank loans are an attractive alternative to bank offers. First of all, they

How can I improve my income when applying for a payday loan?

Are you applying for a payday loan? If so, it is important to keep in mind that each provider will check your creditworthiness. Both the bank and the non-banking company. This is due to the current legislation, which should protect not only you as the applicant, but also protect the provider. One of the methods

Even the self-employed can apply for a loan. When can they come across?

Since most people are employed in the Czech Republic, it is quite clear that employees are the ones who are most interested in borrowing. However, the entrepreneurs segment cannot be forgotten either. This is the segment of self-employed persons. These are referred to as self-employed and here it is no exception that they can apply

Mortgage for self – employed is becoming more flexible

This large group has had major problems in obtaining a mortgage for years and this group is a thorn in the eye. The last year there has been a bit more flexible handling of the rules by different banks, but all have different rules and standards. This makes it difficult for the small business owner

What are the Deadlines for Studying a Loan Repurchase case?

First of all, it seems important to emphasize that a complete file is a file processed quickly and in good conditions. The deadline for studying a loan repurchase case varies greatly from one file to another. In the case of missing supporting documents, it is not possible to draw up an in-depth study of the

Bank Black List Inquiry

First of all, if you work with banks , you should keep in mind that you have to pay all your debts on a regular basis . If you do not pay for the products that you use (Loans, Credit Cards, Deposit Accounts) on the day and show irregular payment performance, your bank registry will

CH Finance Mortgages Available

CH Finance is developing the offer of mortgage products. After refreshing the offer of housing loans and mortgage loans, changing the table of margins, introducing the Preferential Loan in the “MDM” program, it was time to expand the distribution channels. The Bank commenced cooperation with the independent financial advisor EXR Bank Advisors. Now, CH Finance